Patrick Renner has developed his artistic practice in both the realm of gallery exhibition and public artworks in an ever-expanding region.  He has presented in myriad gallery shows across the nation, had numerous articles and interviews on his public works, and continues to innovate with material, form and concepts within his work.  Patrick specializes in an intimate knowledge of concept, material and process that creates intellectually engaging, visually stunning and exquisitely finished work.

Flying Carpet is a public sculpture company dedicated to dynamic place-making. We welcome any opportunity to enhance the existing or proposed infrastructure of a building, park, or other location that is designed to serve people. Our vision for sculptural compliments to such spaces rests on the cultivation of impactful experiences.


Each design we propose is developed from the ground up, with great attention paid to what will enhance a site without overwhelming it. A major aspect of that methodology resides in examining the community being served by the site under development.  A deep inquiry about the connection between specific places, and people that inhabit them informs the outcome of every Flying Carpet endeavor. We are committed to delivering cutting-edge artwork that’s fresh in both form and use of appropriate materials.


Flying Carpet’s core development team is small and svelte, therefore able to adapt fluidly as each new design challenge becomes available to us as an opportunity for creative exploration. The overlap of skills among our three principles is highly complimentary, blending acute capabilities in logistic, structural and aesthetic arenas.

Kelly O’Brien is a Licensed PE with 7 years applied industrial experience managing million-dollar projects that require an intimate knowledge of large structures under intense loads.  He is also a skilled craftsman of dynamic and expressive sculptures that cross the boundary between two-dimensional and sculptural work.  Kelly specializes in knowledge of structural calculations and the ability to provide mathematical support for the size, placement and moments of large installations.

Nicholas Moser has over a decade of production and installation experience in large-scale events, including work on various renown music festivals and happenings like Burning Man, Counter-Current, Art Outside, Arts & Ideas, TEDxYouth and SXSW among others.  His specialty for these events is logistical support both in the operations as well as the development of large-scale artistic and functional infrastructure.  Prior to this he was a landscape designer for high-end residential and light commercial properties focused on permaculture design.

The combination of the skill sets within our team makes for a dynamic team that’s prepared to take on increasingly ambitious projects.  While Flying Carpet’s core development team is comprised of these three individuals, our fabrication and installation network also includes some of Houston’s greatest artistic talents.  We draw on many decades of knowledge from dozens of skilled craftspeople, industry experts and community leaders.  We are excited to have the opportunity to create.